10 steps to sell the property

AVER Brokerage is the only real estate agency in Latvia that clearly defined that we work in the interests of the property seller.

Our certified real estate agents employ the best sales practices and always find the best solutions to help you sell your apartment, house or land quicker and get more money for your property.

10 steps to sell the property

Step 1 - Property inspection

We get acquainted with your real estate, clarify the general situation.

We will advise you and show what improvements need to be made to increase the property selling price. We will take a picture of the land register and inventory file.

Of course, we will discuss in detail your needs, wishes and possibilities.

Step 2 - Evaluation and sales tactics

Price and its reasonability is an important step.

To come up with a public sales offer with the correct price, it is necessary to conduct a market research - calling competitors, comparing prices for similar objects, the pros and cons of competitors' objects.

We also use the information posted on the Cenubanka.lv website about actual deals with similar properties and consult with 3 different certified estimators.

All the collected information helps to correctly determine the price of the object and choose the appropriate sales tactics.

Step 3 - Second meeting with the seller

After a market research, we again meet with you.

During the meeting we will present the market examination report. Based on reliable information, we will advise you at what price the object should enter the market in order to sell it at the highest possible price and in the desired time.

At the end of the meeting, we will decide together about potential cooperation.

Step 4 - Photo / 3D / video of the object, signing a contract

Photo is one of the most important stages for generating customer interest.

Therefore, we provide a professional photographer service. A photographer who takes such attractive pictures that the sellers often say they would like to stay here themselves. Nowadays, 3D photo tours also work very well, and we highly recommend them.

Houses are photographed with a drone.

An exclusive cooperation agreement is concluded between us and you, as the owner.

Step 5 - Marketing

We prepare and publish catchy ads for buyers on popular portals: Ss.com, City24.lv, Inch.lv, in the social network Facebook, where we have the largest real estate group with 62,500 subscribers.

To expand the circle of potential buyers, we additionally send out an offer of the property to more than 2000 other agents and our partners.

We distribute promotional flyers to neighbouring houses to inform residents who know the area and the houses in it very well.

Step 6 - Real estate demonstration

We carefully prepare a property presentation program.

The demonstrations are organized on the day when several potential buyers apply, and they are invited in order of sequence.

The property is properly furnished and prepared for presentations. During the meeting with buyers, only the agent and the potential buyer are present at the property to sell it as profitably as possible.

Step 7 - Documents and formalities

Once a buyer is found, our lawyer with over than 20 years of invaluable experience in real estate legislation will prepare all the necessary documents with high precision and professionalism.

So that you can be sure that everything is going the right way, the lawyer and our agent will continue to follow up throughout the entire deal.

Step 8 - Petition for consolidation

After all necessary documents are ready and in a clear consent of all the parties, we proceed to the notary who prepares a petition for consolidation of ownership.

This document is signed by both parties, and afterwards the buyer goes to the Land Register to record his right of ownership.

The deal is almost complete.

Step 9 - Act of acceptance

At the penultimate stage of the sale process, an act of acceptance of the property is drawn up.

This document contains the readings of all meters, as well as photographs of the movable property remaining at the facility.

After signing the contract, all obligations and rights are fully transferred to the buyer.

Step 10 - Celebration and gratitude


A successful deal is always a feast. Therefore, after fruitful cooperation with a good result, we will certainly thank you and send you a gift from AVER Brokerage!

It was a pleasure to collaborate!


Get in touch with our real estate agents and we'll help to sell your property quicker and get more money for it.